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Textfyre was an educational-technology publisher that once produced Interactive Fiction as well as curriculum-focused software. Fiction-based products, now free, include the first title in the Miradania Series, Jack Toresal and The Secret Letter and the first title in the Klockwerk Series, The Shadow in the Cathedral.

The Shadow in the Cathedral

The Shadow in the Cathedral was Textfyre's second game. The first and only episode in the Klockwerk Series; Shadow begins a deep steampunk adventure in a world of clocks, gears and ornithopters. You are Wren, 2nd assistant clock-polisher. It's not a very important job, but it offers a place to sleep and bread to eat. You just wish you could someday make it to 1st assistant clock-polisher. Before too long you're trying to solve the greatest mystery in the history of St. Philip.

Jack Toresal and the Secret Letter

Textfyre's first commercial Interactive Fiction game was released on June 26th, 2009. Set in the town of Toresal in the kingdom of Miradania, Secret Letter is an adventure about a fourteen year old orphan that everyone knows as "Jack". Jack is pulled into a dangerous mystery when a handful of Baron Fossville's mercenaries begin hunting him. From Grubber's Market through Commerce Street, and onto Lord's Keep; Jack is faced with numerous challenges. Teisha lends a hand along the way, as does Bobby, the mysterious boy always lurking in Lord's Market. The ladies at Maiden House are helpful, but can sometimes be a bit overbearing. The shopkeepers are always willing to chat about the latest gossip. Jack, he just wants to sit down and eat an apple.


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